Utila, Honduras 2016

Not Just a Divers Destination.

Traveling has become my best complicated friend. This trip came by a referral from a local dive instructor in Cincinnati. Jolly is the instructor. He mentioned Utila in a conversation about some certifications I was enquiring about. Once I did a little research that was all it took for me to dive right in and explore this hidden paradise in the Caribbean.


To pick up my travel documentary where I left off, I thought this was a perfect opportunity to get some fresh material.

The first few weeks on the island I spent getting my rescue divers cert. Once that was accomplished I was able to set out and explore the local lifestyle. Having majority of the winter to wander, I took my time roaming the streets and also visiting the mainland of Honduras. Although I had time on my side I felt as though I dead have a deadline in which I wanted to get some nice photos to show off to you.





















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