s71 Car Fire, November 21, 2017

While Running From the Flames, ‘He’d Left His Shoes’. I know that’s not funny, I felt terrible about the accident immediately.

The south 71 car fire immediately reminded me of a time in 1996 when my Cutlass caught on fire at a intersection on rt4 in Fairfield Oh. It was the light next to Hardees coming out from the Middle School.

Times like this really test on your emotional endurance.

This gentleman was engaged by the car being on fire but not to mention he was stuck on a bridge on south 71 in downtown Cincinnati where he had to cross the highway during rush hour. Once he got out of the car he went back for his shoes but the fire got too hot to save them.
That day back in ’96, I watched my baby burn to the ground. My rims, my radio system and speakers, and the plush velvet upholstery that was so damn comfy! I was in the mist of my running as a teenager. There were beer and liquor bottles under the sets. Luckily there was a dumpster near by. We where able to throw them away before the police and fire showed up. Then we just sat there across the street from Hardees parking lot and stared at the 15 foot flames shoot in the sky. I remember when we pulled up o the light she was running really hot. The catalytic converter caught flame. I was so screwed.
So, when I saw this man holding his head I instantly began grieving with him. For me, when I watched my car burndown, it became a pretty dramatic change in life style with in seconds.






I thought the shoes left behind were like a sign of reiteration of impacting loss. Possibly a metaphor of some kind that speaks to some philosophical meaning about change or possessions.


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