Cohen Recycling

Cohen Recycling came as a pleasant surprise.
From the time I arrived every person I worked with was hospitable and genuine. A friend I met a couple years ago (Marisa head) lined this project up. She is putting together images to build a work safety calendar for her marketing position at Cohen.

Have you ever used Cohen’s public service? I have. It has been a while ago, I dropped some appliances for somebody or something. And I knew they had a couple of locations, but it was way bigger than I imagined! This first image shows a shredder that capable of continuously tearing full-size trucks and vans into pieces that will fit in your hand. They said A full-size truck engine and transmission and all takes only about 30 seconds to process. Amazing! Every couple weeks they have to replace the blades that rip the metal apart.

I visited 12 locations in 2 days. They process x pounds on average every day.




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