How this month has flown by, and this past weekend was the first time I’ve picked up my camera since I’ve been home.

Here is a sample tag to be sewn in to a dish rag, a well fancied dish rag that is. This is a demo in the production process.

A Gino + Dot Brand makes custom design patterns for many different markets. I hope they get this job!

Silk screening t-shirts at DYI Printing by Aaron Kent at Essex Studio


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Blind sided by a kiss from 25 years ago

After roughly 25 years I found myself being reintroduced to a  beautiful young lady named, Alicia Strange. At the premature age of 10 she was my first real kiss, and I was hers.

We briefly planned our meet up at a coffee shop downtown. It started and ended with coffee! This simple coffee date turned into a 24 hour conversation that probably will never end. With light hearts I think neither one of us had much expectation in our meet up. I honestly figured we’d be walking separate ways after a couple hours at most. But like two fools, from the bottom of my heart, I believe we both fell in love that day and there after. The way I immediately began to feel about her and how I felt like I was being reciprocated I have never experienced. Today, a month and a half since I left, I still feel like I’m dreaming about her, and we speak everyday. We talk a lot. The conversation is important for the both of us. This trip may be the best thing for our communication in this relationship cause surely Alicia and myself would be acting out about now, diving in head first to each other. We are going to have a good time together. Smiling. We write and send love letters to each other. Sometimes I feel like I’m just being stupid over her. But then I’m like, “yep, that feeling is right!”, What is this,?and how’d she do that?. I know, it sounds stupid and romantic, but . . . . I love that too!


Windows and Doors




To look within, from an outsiders perspective will possibly show a contrast with extreme variations depending on where you’ve been or where you come from.










Yesterday . . . . . . . . . . . . .

We started off with a trip to Macaw Mountain. I got to photograph plants and birds. Then surprise midday photo shoot with Devi … that was pretty entertaining. She had never been photographed before, she had a hard time not laughing. In the midst of this there are other candid shots I enjoyed today. Here is Lorena seeing us off in the tuktuk





































































Ruinas de Copan

The Copan Ruins old stone temples and buildings stretching across a bright green field, surrounded only by the jungle and its rusting leaves… that are Copan Ruinas. But they are more,, each and every stone piled up thousands of years ago to build one of the first big civilizations this world has ever seen  so far. Those ruins are the last reminder of the might and downfall of our ancestors, of great kingdoms and ancient rites… a reminder of life’s momentariness      .

These rehabilitated Macaws greet you on your way in…