About Us

Saint Gabriel Steeple
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Our purpose

is to provide you with the most value at the highest quality. A multidisciplinary creative practice focusing on still & motion content creations. We bring a mature experience accompanied with new visions and techniques. Our scale of capabilities will leave you breathless.

Our Story

Starting in 2001, art and photography weren't much of a consideration. In 2004 I had a dream of a operating a art gallery. Not in so much the traditional sense, but one that put Cincinnati artist on the map. I always felt that the artist here have been under appreciated. This dream of a gallery would be a very progressive operation actively pursuing new client installations and talented artists fill client needs. This platform is were the first business will take place.

Our Creative Clocks

Our intentions show through our dedication you our clients. By providing trust worthy character and intuitive insights our team is on time. We respect. It's a human thing.


Michael Morris

Idea Guy

Classically trained in photography.

Vice President

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Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.

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Here you will see artist works showcasing highlights within their careers and into their prospective futures and visions.